I'm Kylee 👋

I'm a developer advocate and community manager.
Overall, I enjoy enabling developers to build cool stuff & pushing tech ecosystems forward! 🌈

What is Communal Tech?

Communal Tech = Tech for Everyone 🌈

Communal Tech is a developer advocacy company created by Kylee Fields. It provides consulting for developer relations, technical community management, and technical content creation. To learn more about what these terms mean, check out my 'Resources' below!

Services offered, but not limited to: knowledge base management, developer education, external & internal onboarding, community program management, content creation, video production, social media management, public speaking, live event hosting, value chain & performance analysis, customer relationship management, moderation, automation, and user-facing troubleshooting.

For a list of my software engineering skills, check out my Projects


Be cautious of scammers, these are my only accounts. I will never ask for crypto or money.